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Aris Setyawan
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I once watched an interesting film called Life in a Day. This film involves many people from various parts of the world who are asked to record interesting moments in their lives on the same date, July 24, 2010, then send it to be combined into a timeline of human life within 24 hours. The film was made from 4,500 hours of footage in 80,000 videos sent from 192 countries. Every person in every country has different habits, cultures and lives.

What makes this film interesting is the expertise of the filmmaker to make a kind of common thread that unites each different picture frame of many people with different cultures and habits, into a unified whole of a human’s life journey in a day from sunrise to sunset.

Everything’s connected. There is a connection between human life in one part of the world and another. What happens in this part of the world here actually also affects parts of the world there. At least in the science of international relations can be proven by the fact that the political policy of a superpower will affect the lives of millions of people in third world countries. Or the war that occurred in the Middle East could cause oil prices to skyrocket and make the government of a country forced to raise fuel prices for the safety of the State Budget

I have always believed that a writer’s job is to look for connections between stories around the world. It is the writer’s obligation to explore the story of A from area A, explore B story from region B, then look for the common thread between A and B, then arrange it into one unified whole story. A writing that can be read by many people so that those who did not previously understand can suddenly understand that there is a correlation between story A and story B.

In one episode, the yellow Spongebob Squarepants broke his spatula. Tool that is usually used to flip a patty that is being baked. When he lost his tool, Spongebob immediately felt miserable. He lost his heirloom, his main tool for work. Spongebob experienced what was called Chef’s Block, my fictional term to refer to conditions when a chef cannot cook anymore. What made Spongebob unable to cook again was not only because it lost the physical shape of the spatula, but there was something behind it: spirit. This is even more fatal, when he loses enthusiasm which usually triggers him to cook cheerfully.

In the world of authorship also known as writer’s block. A condition when a writer stuck and unable to think of an idea again to set forth in a series of meaningful scripts. Lately I am like a Spongebob who lost his spatula. I lost the spirit and mood to write something. I stuck, hit the wall of ideas. Unable to jump over it.

This full random thought writing is my attempt to explore my spirit and writing mood again. And also just a filler so that this blog does not vacuum too long. If you following this blog, of course you can see that it’s been a long time since I posted the last post. Since then I experienced writer’s block.

Hopefully after this last post I immediately determine the direction: what should I do? Maybe I should be a Spongebob who takes a break, picnic to the jellyfish fields and look for fun there. After that who knows I can get a new spatula, including a new work spirit and mood.

Come on write something Ris!!! As the newly elected president for the second time said: let’s work, work, work!!!

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