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Aris Setyawan
Aris Setyawan
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IMO. What makes Nirvana great is the fact that Kurt Cobain is an INFP person.

Yeah I know. Despite some argument that MBTI Personality Test is such a pseudoscience which we cannot believe at all, I think the INFP still could explain why Cobain could write so much Nirvana’s subtle yet blatant depression theme songs. And its correlation with his mental state, and how he decided to took his own life.

So, INFP is really rare in the MBTI’s universe. They are only like 4.4 % of the world population. Probably, that’s why they tend to feeling lonely, ’cause they’re so rare. Therefore, that’s why Cobain feel lonely all the time and write those Nirvana’s loneliness songs.

Meanwhile, INFJs are rare too. They’re like just 1.5 % of the population. Some might say INFJs are the rarest personality. Henceforth, they usually tend to feel loneliness too all the time.

Probably this kind of loneliness that drive Kurt Cobain to be the musical genius. The question is then emerging: Do we need to be insane in order to be a person who have a creative and genius mind?


Kurt Cobain is a Feminist. I repeated with capital letters: KURT COBAIN IS A FEMINIST.

At least the song “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” can be seen from Cobain’s attitude that tried to break the patriarchy and defend women’s rights.

Frances Farmer is a Seattle actress who was persecuted by the media and the public because she defended her rights as a woman. The media is destroying Farmer’s image. Cobain felt that was unfair, so he composed this song.

Cobain’s feminist attitude can be seen in other Nirvana songs. “Been a Son” describes the figure of a misogynist man who has a daughter, and hopes that the kid should be a boy. “Polly” tells of rape from the perspective of the rapist who considers himself superior and has the right to control the victim. While “Sappy” tries to defend women, that they have the right to be happy, and not merely to obey the standard of men.

Outside of his very feminist songs, Kurt Cobain was also close to Riot Grrrl, a feminist movement that grew in Seattle’s music scene at the time.

So, Nirvana is not only a matter of gross distortion. Kurt Cobain was not just an addict, he understood well the problems of life, including the patriarchal case that flourished.

That’s all

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